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Our Prices:

Trophy Antelope:
Regular season rifle hunts -$1500 each hunter...$300.00 deposit. Three full days of hunting with two hunters per guide (2X1). We scour the area in search of the best heads and commonly look over dozens of mature bucks before selecting one for stalking. Predators such as coyotes and fox as well as varmints (prarie dogs) may be taken when encountered. This is a quality hunt for friends or family.

Early Season Antelope:
Archery, Muzzleloader and Handgun Hunts...$1700 each...$400 deposit. Four full days hunting. Minimum of two hunters per guide. Archery hunts are stand hunting from blinds at active water holes. Crossbows are legal in Wyoming.

Regular season rifle and early season archery -$2600 each hunter...$800 deposit. Six days hunting (2X1). Spot and stalk, still hunting, mini-drives, and calling.

Mule Deer:
Hunts are 2X1, four days, $2100 each hunter...$500 deposit.

Hunts are 1X1, five days, $3400 each hunter...$500 deposit.

Combination Deer and Antelope Rifle Hunts:
Five days hunting 2X1, $2700 each hunter...$500 deposit.

Combination Elk and Antelope Rifle Hunts:
Eight days hunting 2X1, $2800 each hunter...$800 deposit.

Mountain Lion Hunts:
$4000 each hunter. Call for times and details.

For hunters desiring a one hunter per guide hunt (1X1), the cost is 1 1/2 times the regular rate. Approximate season dates are:

  • Rifle antelope, mid-September through October.
  • Archery antelope, mid-August to mid-September.
  • Muzzleloader and Handgun Antelope, late August to mid-September.
  • Rifle Deer, month of October.
  • Rifle Elk, first half of October.
  • Archery Elk, month of September.

Expect considerable walking when hunting deer or elk.

Booking and refund policy:
If you are interested in hunting with us, please note our price schedule and required deposit. We will fill out the written license applications and deliver to the Wyoming Game and Fish or assist you in completing the online application . This will be completed upon the receipt of the license fees. Since we accommodate only a limited number of hunters during a season, we will only reserve a hunt upon the receipt of your deposit, accompanied by the signed client questionnaire  on a first-come-first-serve basis. Personal checks, payable to Ken Metzler, Inc. will be accepted for the deposit and/or license fees. The balance of your hunt cost is due upon arrival with payment by cash or check.

About Our CompanyOur LocationServices We OfferOur Pricesquestion.gif (2584 bytes)Pictures.gif (1644 bytes)

Wyoming Trophy Hunts
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Riverton, Wyoming 82501
Phone: 307-856-6124 (Work)
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